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Today I stood in the cat food aisle and realized the boys now require the ‘Mature Adult’ stuff for ages 7-10.  I…might’ve panicked and bought them a ton of new toys because no my babies.  Baby picture spam was only to be expected, sorry.


Domenico Tintoretto, Penitent Magdalene, 1598-1602

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In which Jaime required coffee in order to sit through the wedding vows. [x]





I don’t understand the USA, all your roads are straight and all your cities look like they were planned using Excel.

Everyone knows the only way to build a city is to wait until a bunch of tiny villages merge together over centuries and create a sprawling clusterfuck of winding roads that make no sense and have no street signs and are impossible to navigate unless you’ve lived there all your life.


Boston humbly begs to differ.

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There are actually really good reasons for the fact that our mid-west and western cities are like that, and our eastern cities aren’t, and maybe some time when it’s later in the day and I don’t have a pile of shit I need to be going through I’ll write about it. /thinks boring things are FASCINATING

Well, Chicago is that way because back in the day we burned the fuck down, and the ruling class were like THIS IS A PERFECT OPPORTUNITY TO BUILD A GRID.

With, you know, just like, five or six diagonal roads that will fuck everything up.

I’m actually a little teary-eyed about Pittsburgh’s honorary mention.


Keeping romance alive is a subtle art.


Keeping romance alive is a subtle art.

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Mythology Meme: 3/3 - Mythological Places : Irkalla

The Sumerian netherworld was a place for the bodies of the dead to exist after death, ruled by Ereshkigal. One passed through the seven gates on their journey through the portal to the netherworld leaving articles of clothing and adornment at each gate. There was a guardian at each gate to extract a toll for one’s passage and to keep one from going the wrong way. The living spirits of the dead are only spoken of in connection with this netherworld when someone has been placed here before they are dead or wrongly killed and can be saved. The bodies of the dead decompose in this afterlife, as they would in the world above.

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Lancelot’s haircut was interrupted by a downpour so now he’s Lancelion, the Glorious.

That awkward moment when a goat is more photogenic than you……