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Wednesday Giveaway: 1 Set of Avatar Pint Glasses and 1 Set of Shot Glasses by Partyware Inc.

Today we’re giving away two awesome sets of glassware etched with the symbol of each bending tribe in Avatar. The gracious artists at Partyware Inc. gave us 8 glasses, which happen to be our most popular glassware item posted, to give away! 

To Enter: This contest is for Tumblr users and residents of the US only (Sorry, world. I promise we’ll have an extra prize soon where shipping won’t be an issue). To enter into the drawing, reblog this post and put what type of bender you would be, if you had the choice. Winners will be determined tonight (Oct. 10) at 11:59 p.m. EST and announced Thursday morning on the site.

Airbender definitely!


Earthbender, of course.


Earthbender.  I used to say “Waterbender,” but then I moved to a coastal land without mountains and I had a nervous breakdown, so clearly I incorrectly assessed my own personality.

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    I know it’s too late. I just really like them. :P
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    Yessssss we’re awesome :D
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    So, you’re the Earth Bender, Steve’s water, Mary’s Fire, and I’m Air. We’d be invincible!
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    Earthbender hehe :D
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    Those are some really nice glasses. Too bad this made it to my blog 2 days late. I would have loved to drink out of a...
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