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Around 10:00 PM this evening, someone dumped these five kittens in our apartment stairwell.  I say “dumped” based on the guilty piles of dry food heaped on the stairs and the tupperware container of water left nearby.  They’re 8-10 weeks old, clean and (as far as I can determine) parasite free.  Based on their ineptitude with the water bowl and dry food, I’d guess that they were with their mother until quite recently.  They’re figuring these things out, but there’s a lot of splashing and coughing in the meantime.  They seem to know their way around a litterbox. 

For now, the kittens are holed up in my bathroom with plenty of food and water.  My guess is that whoever abandoned them noticed that our stairwell has half a dozen resident strays, all of whom are well cared for, and decided to make their kittens someone else’s problem.  “Our” strays have all been spayed or neutered by a considerate neighbor, who also does her best to keep them up on rabies vaccines and flea/tick treatments.  I hope I can contact her in the morning, because unfortunately I’m going out of town tomorrow afternoon. 

On the off chance that doesn’t work, I don’t suppose anyone in the Kendall area of Miami might be looking for a kitten?  Or has rescue-group connections?  I used to work for animal shelters back in PA and NC, so I know what euthanasia rates look like this time of year.  Unfortunately, I’m new to the Miami area, so I’ve lost my old rescue/foster connections.  Any help would be much appreciated!  The black and white one is quite friendly, and the others are all starting to come around now that they’re back indoors. 

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    oh dear they are precious!
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    Oh, my gosh, so CUTE! If I wasn’t (a) in Tallahassee and (b) living in an apartment complex that doesn’t allow pets, I...
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  27. lazyfreezepop said: Thank you for picking them up hon. I’m glad for them that they stumbled upon you, because I know you’ll do everything for their continued well-being. <3
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