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Stairwell Kittens, Day Two Developments:

My downstairs neighbor, Ms. S, is unable to take them due to the stray kitten already stashed in her bathroom.  Luckily, he’s being adopted next week, after his appointment with the local low-cost-spay/neuter-group.  Even luckier, Ms. S doesn’t mind coming up to our apartment while we’re away this weekend to feed and clean up after this brood.  She’s offered to take them come next Wednesday, when her bathroom will open up.  She was able to provide me with a spare litter box, litter, and kitten-specific food (a godsend, since I’d donated all my fostering supplies back to a shelter before we moved here).

For my part, I’ve been calling around to local rescue groups.  I think S and I can hold onto these guys until something opens up at the Miami Humane Society.  They don’t euthanize, but that means they have to limit their intake to however many animals are adopted from them on a given day.  Between us we ought to be able to scrape together the $20-per-critter intake fee.  While we could easily have them sterilized and released back into the local stray population, we’d both much rather they were adopted into better homes than the one that dumped them on my steps. 

Incidentally, I have a pretty clear idea of who that culprit is, and I’m having a reallyhard time squashing the urge to leave a bag of used litter and a note reading “Nice Try” on their doormat.

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